Staff Management

The myMA Business Management System includes functionality to manage a growing workforce. With a ‘hierarchy’ structure, staff can be given selective access to help them manage their own lessons and students, helping to share the workload and improve efficiency.

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myMA Business Management System & Training

We provide training at your premises or ours to ensure you make the most of the myMA Business Management System. As well as specific tasks such as adding students, setting up lessons and tracking Direct Debit payments, we show you how to use the System to reduce your administration workload and run your business more smoothly.

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myMA Website

With a myMA website, you can quickly and easily set up a new website that will make a great impression for your martial arts business. myMA websites work across all desktop and mobile devices and are integrated with the myMA system so you can take online bookings, show class timetables and much more.

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myMA Mobile App

The myMA Mobile App enables you to manage every aspect of your business on the move. Features such as tracking attendance during lessons work both with and without an internet connection – you can sync your app later when you have a connection again.

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myMA Online Booking Widget

The myMA MOnline booking is built into myMA websites as standard but if you’re using your own website, we can add our Online Booking Widget to enable you to capture the same data, allow people to browse your lessons, sync with the myMA Business Management System and benefit from all the features of a myMA website.

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Automated Communications & Alerts

Stay on top of all your communications, especially when you’re busy in class. Features include booking confirmations from prospects and alerts to inform you when students miss lessons or payments.

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Business Performance Tracking

Track and manage key aspects of your business’ performance with an easy-to-use dashboard covering student attendance, leads, prospects and more.

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myMA Mobile & Desktop Access

myMA works across all desktop and mobile devices; data is is instantly and seamlessly shared between all myMA applications such as myMA Websites and the myMA Mobile App, ensuring you and your business is kept up to date.

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Prospect Communications

myMA makes it easy to keep prospects informed and build good customer relationships. Features include automated confirmation of trial lessons by email and text, reminder text messages sent 24 hours before the lesson as well as manual text and email messaging to communicate updates or changes to your classes.

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Student Communications

Stay in touch with students and provide them with regular updates,  news and offers. Send offers to generate new sign ups and leads, send text messages to cover lesson changes, improve retention with ‘Well done’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ texts and encourage students to return with ‘Missed you in class’ messaging.

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Group Level Communications

If you’re a multi-location or franchise, make it easy to contact all of your staff and students. With Group Level Communications you can email and text all of your students at once, inform all your instructors of changes or updates, and run email campaigns to all of your prospects.

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Student Gradings

myMA allows you to manage and track all your students’ grading enabling you to manage their development and grow your fee income. Create, edit, upgrade and change multiple grades at once and generate grading reports to reduce administration and ensure your student records are accurate.

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Email Document Manager

When sending emails through myMA, you can attach documents with the Document Manager. Just upload your document which will then show as a link in the email – this reduces the risk of delivering ‘spam’ and reduces the email file size to improve delivery rates.

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Website Timetables

Once your classes are set up on myMA, it takes minutes to add these to your myMA website. Your timetable page will always stay up to date with any changes and additions you make as the details are pulled directly from your classes on myMA.

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Online Booking

With myMA, visitors to your website can book directly onto a trial lesson. Once a lesson has been booked, a confirmation email is sent as well as a text message reminder 24 hours before the lesson. You also receive confirmation of the booking and the visitor’s details are automatically added to your prospect database.

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Website Class & Instructor Content

With myMA, visitors to your website can book directly onto a trial lesson. Class and Instructor pages on myMA websites allow you to showcase your school(s) and credentials with a wide range of content including videos. As well as offering information on the classes you offer, you can bring your school(s) to life for prospects and build trust with profiles of the people behind your business.

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Reduce ‘no shows’

Reduce ‘no shows’ with text messages to prospects to remind them about their booking. These can be scheduled manually or automated for online bookings making it quick and easy for you to implement.

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myMA websites include a ProShop module making it easy for you to sell equipment and merchandise online.

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what else do we offer?

So much for so little

We provide an integrated, all inclusive package with simple pricing. There’s no bolt on’s, additional costs or hidden extras. You get access to everything a martial arts business needs to succeed from day one and can start using our services as soon as you’re ready.

Direct Debit Collection
School Management
Lead Generating Website

“We’ve got all the information on each of our students so we know who’s graded who’s coming up for grading so it organises us really well.

At the click of a button I can communicate with our entire student base and that for me is a big stress reliever.” 

Andy & Debbie Whiteley – Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do

1. Goal Setting

We’ll work with you on a set of clearly defined and tangible goals and our team of martial arts business experts will help you set out a clear roadmap to achieving your goals.

2. Onboarding

At NEST we deliver so much more than software and pride ourselves on offering a truly personal touch.  That’s why we will guide you through our easy to follow and expertly structured onboarding programme. 

3. Software setup

All of our software is seamlessly integrated. We’ll guide you through how to use these systems and help you to migrate any existing data whilst setting you up on the myMA dashboard.

4. Training

Whilst our systems are easy to use we don’t just leave you to “work it out on your own”. Our team is on hand to show you how each of the features works whilst adapting and integrating extra training based on your goals and unique requirements.

5. Quarterly Reviews

Once set-up, the fun and progress really begins! We’ll check in with you after 3 months (or sooner if required) to see how things are going and to adapt and evolve your Action Plan. After this our team will catch up as much or as little as you need.



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