Get Into Martial Arts

Helping you to get more students

Get Into Martial Arts was developed to help our clients get more students by allowing their schools, locations and lessons to be found by people interested in taking up or trying martial arts lessons.

Our Get Into Martial Arts website is specifically designed to help people find martial arts classes close by. Our postcode search function allows visitors to find your school and shows them what classes you have on offer. Visitors can then easily book onto trial lessons from Get Into Martial Arts, and thanks to its integration with myMA, these prospects are automatically added to your prospect list after booking.

Designed to help students find you

Thanks to it’s postcode search system, people nearby who are interested in martial arts lessons can easily find you.

How does it work?

Once you join NEST Management, you will be able to list any and all of your schools and lessons on Get Into Martial Arts. You are given a selection of options to be able to customise your Get Into Martial Arts page, making it more unique to your school and showcasing your lessons.

Visitors to the Get Into Martial Arts website can then find your school and lessons when searching for martial arts classes near to them. When they find a trial lesson they like the sound of they can book directly onto the class right there and then. As our lesson searching facility works by postcode and location, any bookings made to your classes are more likely to be locally based and have a higher turn up rate.

Reduce ‘no shows’ with automated communications and reminders

Keep people informed and aware of their trial lessons, reducing the risk of no shows.

Automatic reminders and notifications

Once a visitor books onto one of your lessons, they are sent a confirmation email and text message to confirm the appointment. They will then be added to your prospect list in myMA and you will also receive a confirmation email to let you know you have a new booking.

To further reduce the risk of ‘no shows’ to your lessons, we send out additional text reminders to prospects helping to remind them about the booking. This is an automated feature so there is no worry about having to remember to do this yourself!

More than a lead generation tool

Get Into Martial Arts is also a great source of information for people to find out about the many different styles of martial arts.

Additional benefits

We also provide a wealth of information on not only the many styles of martial arts available to people, but also the benefits martial arts can have as a whole for people. This is done to help visitors to the website get a better understanding for the classes being offered and to better promote the many advantages martial arts can provide beyond self defence.

Find out how Get Into Martial Arts can benefit your business


Our solutions dont stop at just developing great systems for Martials Arts instructors they go far beyond that to ensure your entire clubs infrastructure is built to acquire, manage and retain students long term.

Are you looking for some help? Let us help you build the Martial Arts school you know you have the potential to build.