Join the hundreds of martial arts businesses that are growing with NEST

We make sure you have everything you need to succeed. A business management system, martial arts marketing, business consultancy and Direct Debit fee collection are all important to the successful development of your business. That’s why we only offer a single, all inclusive service.

Our integrated, all inclusive package with simple pricing

We work hard to make our pricing as simple as possible, we offer a premium service that has everything we do bundled into one package.

6 – 8%

of your student collection fees*

How it works

Get access to everything

You get access to everything we offer from day one and can start using our services as soon as you’re ready, giving you peace of mind. Our service charge is based on the size and revenue of your business. This charge will decrease as your business grows and increases it’s turnover.

Equipment & ticket sales

Our pro-shop module is available to all NEST customers so you can sell equipment and event tickets on your website.
There is no setup charge for pro-shop; the only cost is 2.9%-6%* of the value of each transaction.


No. of students4040
Monthly student fee£35€40
Monthly income from student fees£1,750€1,600
Cost of using NEST’s services @ 8%£140€128
Net income from student fees£1,610€1,472
Monthly equipment and ticket sales via NEST pro-shop module£200€200
Cost of using NEST pro-shop module @ 6%£12€12
Net income from equipment and ticket sales£188€188

*Excluding VAT

What's included?

You get access to everything we offer from day one.

Software & Systems

  1. Staff Management
  2. myMA Business Management System & Training
  3. myMA Website
  4. myMA Mobile App
  5. myMA Online Booking Widget
  6. Automated Communications & Alerts

Sales & Marketing

  1. myMA Marketing Toolkit
  2. myMA Website
  3. Prospect Tracking
  4. Get Into Martial Arts
  5. Business & Marketing Consultancy
  6. Retention

Coaching & Consultancy

  1. Business & Marketing Consultancy
  2. Client Conferences & Events
  3. Business Structure
  4. Franchise Licencing
  5. Marketing Consultancy
Group 183

Finance & Payments

  1. Direct Debit & Fee Collection
  2. Online Direct Debit sign-up form
  3. Approved Direct Debit Originator
  4. Tailored VAT Advice
  5. Monthly Payment Reports
  6. No Failed Payment Charges

Manage attendance easily with myMA Attend

myMA includes myMA Attend, an easy to use module that helps you to manage attendance at your classes on any device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wealth of resource for you whenever you need it and everything we provide is available to you from the moment you sign up. Its an all inclusive package. 

myMA is packed with marketing materials you can use to promote your club across multiple marketing channels.

Yes of course we offer a 1-1 consultation where our business development manager will help you bring your vision to reality. 

Start growing today

As a single point of contact for technology, tools and expertise for martial arts businesses, we make it quick and easy for you to access everything you need to succeed. Get in touch and we’ll start by helping you to build a clear roadmap for achieving your ambitions.

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Our solutions dont stop at just developing great systems for Martials Arts instructors they go far beyond that to ensure your entire clubs infrastructure is built to acquire, manage and retain students long term.

Are you looking for some help? Let us help you build the Martial Arts school you know you have the potential to build.