Online Trial Lesson Booking

Online Lesson Booking Made Simple

When we say ‘online booking’ we don’t mean a form someone fills out and an email which you have to respond to later. We mean an online booking form that captures the prospects details, add’s it to your myMA prospect database and books them into the class the moment they click.

All lessons you chose to display in your timetable will be available for anyone wanting to book and you will be notified not only of the booking, but which lesson they have been booked on to.

Online trial lesson booking from NEST Management
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Take Away The Hassle And Stay Updated

Stay informed

Every time someone completes the online booking form to book onto one of your lessons, they receive a notification via email and text message to confirm all the details. You will also receive an email notification letting you know that someone has booked onto the lesson along with their details should you need to contact them.

As the date and time of the lesson approaches, the prospect will receive a reminder text 24 hours before the lesson is due to start. If the prospect doesn’t show up to their lesson, this will be highlighted in your myMA lessons section, allowing you to follow up with a ‘missed you in class’ email or text message.

Online Trial Lesson Booking for your Martial Arts Classes
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Automatically Update Your Prospect List

Keep those prospects

After someone has filled out the online form and booked onto your lesson, they will automatically be added to your myMA prospect list. This helps ensure your prospect list is kept up to date and you don’t lose any vital information on potential new students! This also helps to ensure you can quickly and easily contact any prospects should you need to, helping you to create a good start to their customer journey.

keep prospects for your martial arts business with myma
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