myMA Business Management System

myMA has been designed to help you manage your martial arts business online.

myMA helps you to track many aspects of your businesses performance from student attendance to leads and prospects.

Designed to work across all desktop and mobile devices to provide you  with a flexible approach when it comes to using the myMA Business Management System. Data is instantly and seamlessly shared between all myMA products such as myMA Websites and the myMA Mobile App, ensuring you and your business is kept up to date.

myMA Martial Arts Business Management System From NEST Management
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See The Benefits For Yourself!

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Stay In Touch With Everyone…

Prospect communications for your martial arts business with myMA Business Management System

Prospect Communications

It’s important to communicate with all your prospects to help keep them informed and to start building the foundation for a good customer relationship. The myMA Business Management System has been designed to help you to achieve this by:

  • Automated communications of lesson details via email and text when a prospect first signs up to a trial lesson
  • Reminder text messages that are sent 24 hours before the lesson is due to start
  • Manually send free texts* and emails about any updates or changes made to your classes

*Free text messages apply to the United Kingdom only.

Student communications for your martial arts business as part of the myMA Business Management System

Student Communications

Keeping your students updated on the latest information, news and offers is a great way to help improve their engagement with your martial arts business. myMA’s student communication system can help with this by allowing you to:

  • Send students text messages about any lesson changes
  • Improve student retention with a ‘Well done’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ text and email
  • Encourage a student to come back with a ‘missed you in class’ message
  • Send promotional offers to students to generate new sign ups and leads
Franchise and Group level communications for your martial arts business as part of myMA Business Management System

Group Level Communications

If you’re a franchise or group owner, you can often be faced with several issues when it comes to contacting all of your staff and students. myMA’s group level communications help to resolve this by allowing you to:

  • Send an email and text to all of your students at once – saving you time and supporting your professional reputation.
  • Easily inform all your instructors of changes or updates; helping you with personnel management.
  • Run an email campaign to all of your prospects across your franchise or group.
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Little Extras That Make A Big Difference

manage your students martial arts gradings with the myMA Business Management System

Student Gradings

Grading is an important part of your students development as well as being an additional source of income for your martial arts business, that’s why it’s important keep track of them. The myMA Business Management System has a section dedicated to keeping track of all your students grading which allows you to:

  • Create new or edit existing grades quickly and easily
  • Upgrade and change a students grade with a single click
  • Upgrade multiple students in one go rather than one at a time
  • Run reports to find out how many students are at each grade or that currently have no grade

With all grading information in one place it will help to reduce your administration time and improve the accuracy of your student records.

email document manager for your martial arts business as part of myMA Business Management

Email Document Manager

When it comes to sending emails through the myMA Business Management System, you have the option to attach documents using the built in document manager. This is designed to help you give more in-depth information to your students and staff, rather than trying to fit it all into the email as text.

Want to send lesson plans to your staff or students?

Simply start by uploading your document and saving it to your Document Folder where it will then be stored and ready to use when you need it. All you need to do when your ready to send the email, is select the document and it will show as a link in the email. Using links will help to reduce the risk of delivering ‘spam mail’ and also lowers the email file size, helping to improve your delivery rates.

myMA Tags

Transform the way you communicate with students and prospects!

Once somebody has been tagged, you can do lots of different things with them which can include: creating mailing lists, sending automated emails and automatically adding and removing tags based on the triggers you’ve set up. However, the list is endless – you can set them up to work for you!

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Manage All Aspects Of Your Business

Manage your martial arts lessons with ease with the myMA Business Management System

Lesson Management

It’s important to stay on top of your lessons and keep track of everything, but as your school grows this can become an increasing challenge. Thankfully the myMA Business Management System makes lesson management much simpler, regardless of how many lessons you have.

The myMA Business Management System offers a simple and visual way for you to quickly check your lessons details, but if have quite a few lessons then the built in quick search function allows you to look up lessons in a snap, saving you much valued time.

Making changes to your lessons is another quick and easy process thanks to the myMA Business Management System. In just one click you can easily change the name and location of your lessons, helping to further reduce your administration workload.

Manage your staff an personnel in your martial arts business with the myMA Business Management System

Personnel Management

If you’re a chief instructor you’re able to easily and effeciently manage your personnel by having everything in one place, helping you to save even more time. As a result, any changes you make will be updated on the system straight away, ensuring everyone is working from correct and up to date information.

Some additional personnel functions include:

  • Management of access rights and permissions for staff
  • Lesson allocation to your instructors
  • Realiable security to keep your data safe
  • Simple to use, if you need to make any changes quickly
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Reporting On Things That Make A Difference

Identify student trends and improve your martial arts business attrition with myMA Business Management

Identify Trends

Spotting trends can really help to improve your student retention and thanks to myMA’s reporting options, this is something you can easily do. You will be able to see whether student attendance is up or down by each individual student and also by lesson.

By noticing these trends, you can help to increase student numbers by planning a promotion in a particular class, or look to improve retention by including special offers for existing students. You can also use these reports to help map out the times of year you may need to run your adverts and promotions more frequently, as opposed to those times of year where you might not need to spend quite as much on them.

Track your staff and student martial arts licencing with the help of myMA Business Management System

Licence Module

An important part of martial arts from both an instructors perspective as well as the students, is any licencing and insurance they may require to train. So it is equally important to keep track of your students licences and insurance, which is something myMA is able to help you with.

You can easily manage all of your licences, insurance and anything else that requires a renewal or that has an expiry date. By having everything in one place, you will be able to easily keep track and plan with ease.

Comprehensive student records for your martial arts business with the myMa Business Management System

Comprehensive Student Records

Your student details are a vital component of your martial arts business, as they can help you to build a great reputation with your students by knowing more about them. myMA allows you to securely keep student information such as:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical Information
  • Training and lesson attendance
  • Missed lessons
  • Licence and insurance information

You are also able to add multiple emergency contacts and store vital medical information to each student record, giving you, parents and students peace of mind in an emergency.

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