Multiple Location Martial Arts Businesses

Your business has grown incredibly well to get this far, but can it still keep growing?

For those of you who have multiple full time locations, you are all too familiar with the struggles and challenges that martial arts business owners can face. But you have managed to overcome these and continue with the success of your business and branch out into multiple locations. You may wonder what exactly a company like NEST could even offer you at this point.

Well having success in your business is one thing, but keeping it successful is the challenge you now face. There are also more areas your business can grow into, but more importantly at this stage it is about refining the procedures and making everything less of a hassle. Martial arts businesses at this stage can still get access to all our great services, but may benefit more specifically from:

As your business grows, so does your workforce and requirements to manage them. The myMA System is designed with this is mind, not only allowing you to manage your business, but your staff as well. Thanks to its ‘hierarchy’ structure, staff can also be given limited access to help them manage their own lessons and students, helping to share the workload and improve efficiency.
Growing your business is not the only thing you can do to increase your success. You will often find that keeping your students is just as beneficial. Not only do we provide guidance and advice on improving your retention, but our myMA system has a number of options designed to help keep and improve your retention rates.
We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest VAT information for martial arts businesses and how it could effect them. When it comes to discussing these points with your financial advisor, our consultants can help you to prepare for these discussions or even join in on them should you wish.

As your business grows and expands, it becomes increasingly more important to have a sound business structure in place. We understand the importance of running the business smoothly and want you to worry as little as possible about anything. Our business advisers can help to improve your business structure and help streamline processes to ensure it’s performing at peak efficiency.
You’ve started to make a bit of a name for yourself and people begin to associate a reputable business that’s top quality when they hear your name. It’s at this point you might consider turning your martial arts business into a franchise. Our team has a wealth of experience with helping clients to franchise there business and continue on their journey of success.
When you are running a full time martial arts business, you will no doubt be busy and that’s where our myMA Mobile App comes in. Designed with the same great features as its desktop counterpart, you are able to monitor and manage your business on the move. You can even use it to track attendance during your lessons with or without an internet connection, as you can sync your app at a later time when you have a connection again.
Online booking is something that is built into our myMA Websites, but for those of you who may have their own site and don’t wish to upgrade, we have our Online Booking Widget. The widget still captures all the same data, allows people to browse your lessons and syncs with the myMA Business Management System.
It can be hard staying on top of all your communications, especially when you’re busy in class. That’s why we have automated communications in place to not only confirm bookings for prospects, but also to inform you about what’s happening. This system also triggers alerts to inform you when students are missing lessons or payments so you can keep an eye on everything more easily.
Besides your current students, prospects are one of the main driving forces for your martial arts business, so it’s important to keep track of them all. Whether this is from your website, Get Into Martial Arts or your offline marketing, you are able to enter these details into myMA and start to build your prospect database. There are even options for email and text notifications for your marketing campaigns to re-engage with prospects who may not have signed up the first time.
Wouldn’t it be great if people could have a search engine specifically for martial arts lessons? Thanks to they do! And what’s even better is that your business can be listed on there. This is a service we offer exclusively for NEST clients that allows people in your local area to find your lessons and book onto them. This then gets recorded in myMA, allowing you to follow up and contacts and lesson bookings.
This is where we sit down with you and find out exactly where your business is at and where you would like it to be. We help you start a business plan to work towards these goals and also help you with marketing advice so you know what to do and where to start.
When you join, you are assigned a dedicated business coach to help you develop your business. Your business coach will check in with you every week to see how you are getting on, answer any questions and help guide you on the next stages of your business plan.
We introduce you to our business management system and all of the features you will benefit from at this stage. This is to help you focus on the important things within myMA such as adding students, setting up lessons and tracking Direct Debit payments. All of these are made to help you manage and run your business more smoothly and reduce your administration workload.
You will be given access to our myMA website templates, allowing you to quickly and easily setup a professional website for your business. These templates are fully responsive, meaning they work on all devices automatically without any additional actions required from you. myMA websites are also integrated within the myMA system, allowing you to take online bookings, show class timetables and have automated communications, all of which are tracked within the myMA system and added to your reports.
Once you have your plans in place and an amazing looking website up and running, it’s time to let everyone know about your business and what classes you have available. This is where our Marketing Toolkit and Dedicated Marketing Team can really help. There are a wide selection of campaign materials and templates for both print and digital that you can use and edit with your own content and images; with our marketing team always on hand and happy to help should you want extra guidance and support.
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