Tony David - Total Dojo Krav Maga

Tony Davis

Total Dojo – Krav Maga

I ran a martial arts club at university and back then it was ‘pay as you go’. We had quite a big club but could never tell how many people would turn up. During the various breaks there would be no one training and then everyone would re-emerge once reading week or exams were over.

Arranging transport from the university to the local leisure centre was a challenge as we didn’t know if we needed a minibus, a 40-seater coach or both. We couldn’t predict cashflow (students are notoriously wishy-washy with commitments).

When I decided to open a full time academy I felt that we needed a management company to avoid the problems that I had encountered with the university club. My first billing company wasn’t great. I received no help from them and they didn’t do what they had promised.

Feeling pretty disappointed and confused as to the next steps, I decided to go and meet with Gerard at NEST. Instantly I felt in safe hands, his professional approach and his vision for NEST prompted me to sign on.

That was 12 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made. It baffles me how on internet forums I see people asking if they should charge monthly and will people leave if they stop doing pay as you go. The other argument I hear is that if you are charging by direct debit you’re doing it for the money and not the art!

NEST have been at the forefront of turning the martial arts industry into a more professional one. In my opinion they have been pivotal in raising standards and educating school owners in general business practice, customer services, retention, marketing and sales.

NEST continue to improve their service and are constantly looking for new methods to help school owners grow and make their schools more profitable.

Matthew Chapman - Masters Academy

Matthew Chapman

Masters Academy

We chose NEST Management because we realised we needed to focus on teaching high quality classes, rather than chasing people for owed money etc. It’s great to know that we can focus on teaching and training, whilst the money side of things is being dealt with professionally. The NEST staff are always very efficient and happy to help sort out any problems that we run into.

Their online system is also very useful as it gives you real time statistics on how your school is performing. It’s very easy to track new students, cancelled students, missed payments, birthdays etc using the NEST myMA online portal. This makes managing your school easier as all the information you need is available online at any time. Having tried a few other billing companies, I believe NEST is the best, not only technologically but also with their superior customer service. Highly recommended.

Lak Loi - Jeek Kune Do London

Lak Loi

Jeet Kune Do London

NEST just make sense! They take-away all the administrative pain of collecting student fees, so you can spend all your time with your students. All my students are on direct debits, and it makes life so simple and effective.

Also NEST go out of their way to provide so many value add services. For example, their student administration system, business development advice, marketing help, business seminars and much more. All these services are above and beyond a basic collections company, and come at a competitive price.

Finally, NEST are like my family. I can call Gerard and the NEST Team and always get a prompt response. They are always happy and willing to share a wealth of information and advice by drawing on their extensive experience and council working across the martial arts industry. I would recommend NEST to all martial arts schools.