Take Martial Arts Lesson Attendance With The myMA Mobile App

When it comes to taking attendance, it can often take up the first 10 minutes of your lesson. This is important time you could actually be teaching your students! The myMA App allows you to quickly and easily take attendance for each lesson, from your smart phone or tablet with a simple tap. You can even allow your students to sign in themselves should you wish to, saving you even more time.

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Take Lesson Attendance No Matter What

No signal? no problem!

The myMA App has been designed to work with and without a reliable mobile signal, so you can always take attendance no matter what. If your martial arts school or class happens to be in an area with a poor mobile signal, the app simply stores the information and allows you to ‘sync’ the data to your myMA Business Management System when you next have a reliable connection.

Details are securely stored on your device with measures put in place to help make sure only people with authorisation can access them.

myMA martial arts student attendance app works with or without a mobile signal
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All The Information You Need When You Need It

Details on hand

As your school grows and your student numbers increase, it can be quite a challenge to keep track of all your students details and information. Thanks to the myMA Mobile App being linked to your myMA Business Management System, you will always have access to students details when you need them.

There are several features within the myMA Mobile App to also help you locate what you are looking for quickly. No more time wasted going through paper files, folders or lengthy spreadsheets to find a phone number or email address.

student and lesson details available for your martial arts business via the myMA Mobile App
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Help To Reduce Students Missing Their Martial Arts Lessons

Don’t miss out

If you have a busy class it can often be difficult to notice missing students before it’s too late. Thankfully the myMA Mobile App shows you when a student misses a lesson, allowing you to follow up with a ‘missed you in class’ text and email. This approach can often make the difference between a student leaving and a students staying with your martial arts business.

By engaging more with your students and staying in contact, you will help to lower your cancellations and improve your attrition rates.

Keep students engaged in their martial arts lessons with communication tools and text messages
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