How we work: your roadmap to growth

We’ve helped hundreds of martial arts businesses to achieve their ambitions; the key is using a clear and structured approach for working closely together:

1. Goal Setting

  • Free 2 hour session to define your goals and build a financial plan for your business
  • Conversion of your aspirations into an actionable business plan
  • Define milestones and draft Q1 Action Plan

2. Onboarding

  • Review current operations, processes and systems  
  • Identify business needs, priorities and preferences
  • Develop implementation plan for software and services according to needs e.g. tools, reporting, myMA website, integration with current tools and systems
  • Introduction to your NEST Account Team
  • Review legal and compliance documentation and identify gaps

3. Software Setup

  • Dashboard and reporting set up
  • Software configuration and integration with current tools and systems
  • Website integration/set up
  • Fee collection set up

4. Training

  • Training on myMA Business Management System covering aspects including Direct Debit management, booking, attendance, grading, pro shop website Content Management System, marketing tools, mobile app
  • How to benefit from ‘Get into Martial Arts’ website and campaigns

5. Quarterly Reviews

  • Business check-in and update
  • Performance Review
  • Needs analysis
  • Adjustments and optimisation
  • Draft Action Plan for next quarter
  • Schedule interim check-ins

Start growing today. Just get in touch and our team will contact you to discuss your needs and explain how we can help.


Customer Focus: Scorpion Jiu-Jitsu

Over the last 20 years Steven has studied many different styles of martial arts, which has lead to the development of his own style – Combat Jiu Jitsu. He now owns a successful full time location and runs a very popular ‘bully-proof’ programme for his younger students.

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Our solutions dont stop at just developing great systems for Martials Arts instructors they go far beyond that to ensure your entire clubs infrastructure is built to acquire, manage and retain students long term.

Are you looking for some help? Let us help you build the Martial Arts school you know you have the potential to build.