Direct Debit & Fee Collection

Save time and money…

Martial arts billing and fee collection can often be a time consuming task,  but our Direct Debit fee collection system takes away all the hassle and admin of collecting fees by cash or Standing Orders, giving you more time to focus on teaching. It even helps you to maintain a steady cash flow allowing you to budget your monthly finances more easily.

All administration of payments and any queries regarding them are handled by our Customer Service Team. Agreements are processed on the same day we receive them and we’ll also send you an email informing you of all new agreements as well as those that have been cancelled, suspended and reactivated.

Once we’ve collected payment(s) from your students we will transfer them into your account by BACS and Unlike some other fee collection companies, we won’t charge you for failed student payments.

We are authorised to process UK Direct Debit and SEPA Direct Debit.

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Approved Direct Debit Originator

This means we are sponsored to collect student tuition fees from all the major high street banks and building societies on your behalf.

Take it online!

Our online Direct Debit sign-up form is integrated into the myMA System, allowing you to easily begin taking payments right away with just a few simple steps:

  1. Start the Electronic Direct Debit process from within myMA, your own website or your Facebook page
  2. Follow the step-by-step online set up with your Student/payer in class or email them a link to complete the set up at home
  3. You will receive an instant email notification when a Direct Debit mandate has been completed so you can track who has been set up
  4. We do the rest! At this point we lodge the Direct Debit with the payer’s bank and start collecting your Student’s fees monthly
  5. All payer and Student details are uploaded to your myMA account

Electronic Direct Debits. The easy way to sign up your martial arts students and collect membership fees.
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Built Using Industry Leading Technology

Developed from over 16 years experience of collecting fees by Direct Debit, our system is built using industry-leading technology that is designed to be safe and secure.

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