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Getting Started

We can start setting you up as soon as you join NEST. Set up is done electronically and can be done as quick as a day. Then we will set up your classes on myMA and build you a lead generating website.

We work hard to make our pricing as simple as possible, we offer a premium service that has everything we do bundled into one package. The set up fee is £199.00+VAT. 

We charge 6 – 8% of your student collection fees, excluding VAT

You get access to everything we offer from day one and can start using our services as soon as you’re ready, giving you peace of mind. Our service charge is based on the size and revenue of your business. This charge will decrease as your business grows and increases it’s turnover.

We will hold you hand throughout the whole process. You’ll be assigned your own Onboarding Coach who will call you during your first 5 weeks to talk you through the set up and then arrange training on all our products.

Absolutely. We will be able to work with your existing DD provider to get all your active Direct Debits transferred over to us without you having to do anything at all.

Direct Debit Overview

Yes, NEST Management are proud to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA regularly review financial companies to ensure that they are treating customers fairly. So, you can be confident you are working with a legitimate business and crucially – that your money is safe.

The Direct Debit Guarantee offers protection to customers paying by Direct Debit in the rare event that there is a payment error.

If a customer receives a refund from their bank they are not entitled to, they must pay it back at the organisation’s request. Any dispute resolution takes place outside of the Direct Debit scheme. Whilst NEST Management is not liable for any indemnity requests your business may receive, we will assist with the process of dispute resolution should this service be required.

Direct Debit is a suitable solution for recurring payments like training fees for regular students. If you need to arrange one-off payments such as events or merchandising, this may not work for you. However, NEST Management offers alternative payment solutions for these situations.

Contact us here to find out more. 

Unlike payments by credit or debit card, Direct Debits are not instant. It takes 3 working days to set up a new payer and to collect from payers on an existing Direct Debit agreement. Once a payment request has been sent to the student’s bank, it cannot be amended or recalled.

Yes! The Direct Debit bulk change process allows you to move all your existing Direct Debits easily between providers, and NEST Management will be there to assist you every step of the way.

NEST Management will collect all your monthly Direct Debit payments and any other payment/transactions made through our services and deposit them in one monthly instalment made directly into your nominated bank account.

Your payment will be deposited into your account on the 25th of every calendar month. Should this date fall on a weekend, it will be deposited on the last working day before this date.

Transactions will show as paid to NEST Management. Each payer will be given an agreement number which will show as a unique payment reference number, “NEST00xxxxxx”. Quote this agreement/payment reference number when contacting NEST Management about your account. This will allow us to action any change as soon as possible.

Give us a call or send us an email 9-5, Monday – Friday. When you join us, you will get a unique school ID. Please quote this when getting in touch. If you need to make any changes, please also provide your agreement/payment reference number.

eDD Set Up

Due to strict rules around Direct Debits, each customer MUST fill in their payment details themselves. You will set the price and help to guide them through the process, but the customer must complete all information and agree to the Terms & Conditions themselves.

Direct Debit collections take place on either the 1st or the 15th of the month. Should these dates fall on a weekend or bank holiday, then payment would be debited the following working day. You can nominate the month in which you would like your student’s payments to start.

We provide purpose-built websites and booking widgets to ensure a premium online experience for all your prospective students. Your club will even be listed on www.getintomartialarts.com to boost your business’ visibility online.

Customers can set up from any web-enabled device. Every payer receives an email and text message with a link to set up their agreement.

There is no maximum amount for Direct Debit collections through NEST Management, however there is a minimum of £5.00 per agreement.

Payers must be over the age of 18 to able to set up a direct debit through NEST Management in order to be held to the Terms & Conditions of the Training Agreement.


Yes. The Direct Debit agreement allows you to increase or reduce payments either on a one off or on an ongoing basis. You can request a price change through myMA on either the student or agreement records. Or you can call/send an email, quoting your school ID and agreement/payment reference number.

As we are regulated by the FCA, we need to provide the payer with 10 working days’ notice of any price change. So, if you are planning to make a change, let us know ASAP so it is processed in time for the payer’s collection date. Any requests received after the cut off, we will action for the next payment collection date.

Prices and changes are linked to an agreement. If you have more than one student on an agreement, please ensure you provide us with the new price for the entire agreement. This will prevent any confusions and issues in the future.

NEST Management will not accept price changes from payers. If a change is required, this must be requested from a member of your team. Any payer requesting such a change will be directed back to your club. This ensures your students’ fees are always set at the correct rate.

Yes, if you want to offer a payment break for a customer, this can be arranged. We can offer up to 3-month payment suspension on a Direct Debit agreement. Like price changes, NEST Management can only action suspension requests received from a member of your team.

If a customer’s monthly instalment fails. We will continue to attempt recollection of a failed Direct Debit up to four times. However, it is important to note that NEST Management is not a debt collection company. If we are unsuccessful in collecting the payment, we will let you know and recommend you speak to the customer directly.

Absolutely! If NEST Management is not informed of fees paid in class, we will automatically attempt recollection of any monies due by Direct Debit. Confirmation of payment in class must be provided by a member of your team.

Once the agreement has been signed by the payer and set up, any change to the payment date must be requested/agreed by the payer. If they have sent you a request to change the collection date, just forward us the request and we can get it changes ASAP.

Your customer can provide notice to yourself or NEST Management directly to cancel their Direct Debit. Our standard Terms and Conditions explain that a payer will remain liable to pay Tuition Fees for the calendar month in which notice is given and for the following calendar month.

If you would prefer that we did not request notice from your customers, please let us know and we can remove this requirement from your agreements.

Any customer that cancels their Direct Debit without notice (where required) will receive correspondence from NEST Management advising of their outstanding commitments. We will also advise you of all cancellations to ensure no training occurs without payment.

Software & Systems

Yes. We want you to get off to the best start possible and to do that, you need everything!

We can start setting you up as soon as you join NEST. We will help you bulk transfer your existing Direct Debits to us, set up your classes on myMA and build you a lead generating website. Because of our simple pricing, there are no add ons or bolt ons – you will get access to everything from day one.

Yes – our booking widget is a short piece of code that can be put into any website. This will auto update with your lesson details and class times so your website is always up to date – and new students can make a booking without leaving your site.

Once a booking is made, all the details are imported into our custom system – myMA.

We also have Contact Widgets so they can make enquiries through your website. We will also provide you with links so students can complete their Direct Debit set up right there on your website.

Yes it will – our attendance app is a progressive web app – with a simple click of a button the app will be installed on to a Windows PC or Laptop, a Android Phone or Tablet or an iPhone or iPad. 

If you don’t have  a WiFi or mobile connection at your academy, the app will sync to myMA when you have a signal again. 

Absolutely. We will be able to work with your existing DD provider to get all your active Direct Debits transferred over to us without you having to do anything at all.


NEST will provide a range of downloads and training custom designed for Martial Arts schools. We keep up to day with new trends and techniques to give you the edge.

Our team provide digital courses, webinars, face to face courses, written/video guides and downloads to turn you into a marketing expert!  

We have a catalogue of marketing materials that you can use for your club.

Our downloadable campaign materials are designed to be relevant to as wide a range of schools as possible. You will be able to add your school name, phone number, website and logo to editable fields to make the design your own.

Yes! NEST design several campaigns a year that you can download and use. This includes digital material suitable for social media, and print material you can have in your dojo. 

All our previous campaigns are ready and waiting to be used.

Yes, NEST offer live webinars, video tutorials, written guides and all the information you need to become a social media expert.

Our guides are specifically designed for Martial Arts marketing and getting new students.

Business Consultancy

We don’t offer Insurance but we have great contacts with Insurance Companies with proven quality service offerings who also offer discount to NEST Clients

Your myMA Software System will allow you to manage and communicate with your Teams on a day to day basis but we also have a suite of Employment Consultancy documents and options to guide you a long the way.

Start growing today

As a single point of contact for technology, tools and expertise for martial arts businesses, we make it quick and easy for you to access everything you need to succeed. Get in touch and we’ll start by helping you to build a clear roadmap for achieving your ambitions.

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Our solutions dont stop at just developing great systems for Martials Arts instructors they go far beyond that to ensure your entire clubs infrastructure is built to acquire, manage and retain students long term.

Are you looking for some help? Let us help you build the Martial Arts school you know you have the potential to build.