Our Story

Martial arts students in every family

This is our Vision. It’s purposely ambitious but underlines that our business is driven by our belief in the power of martial arts to change lives and to make a positive impact in communities and upon society in general.

By working exclusively with martial arts businesses, our aim is to improve the availability and accessibility of martial arts, and increase participation, particularly amongst young people.


Martial arts students in every family


We enable martial arts businesses to operate safe and successful schools where students thrive


Nurture,Excellence, Simplicity,Trust

Our Mission

To achieve our Vision, we enable martial arts businesses to operate safe and successful schools where students thrive (Our Mission).

We exist to help our clients build successful businesses and improve martial arts provision for the benefit of both students and business owners. Everything we do is designed to drive the development of profitable martial arts businesses that help students to lead healthier and happier lives.

OUr Values

Our values shape our culture; they reflect what is important to us and provide guiding principles for the way we operate as a business:

So much for so little

We provide an integrated, all inclusive package with simple pricing. There’s no bolt on’s, additional costs or hidden extras. You get access to everything a martial arts business needs to succeed from day one and can start using our services as soon as you’re ready.

Direct Debit Collection
School Management
Lead Generating Website

“myMA is amazing. It’s just the fact that we can keep on top of everything.

We have about 350 students and we’ve opened up some satellite schools and NEST have helped us every step of the way. “

what else do we offer?

1. Goal Setting

We’ll work with you on a set of clearly defined and tangible goals and our team of martial arts business experts will help you set out a clear roadmap to achieving your goals.

2. Onboarding

At NEST we deliver so much more than software and pride ourselves on offering a truly personal touch.  That’s why we will guide you through our easy to follow and expertly structured onboarding programme. 

3. Software setup

All of our software is seamlessly integrated. We’ll guide you through how to use these systems and help you to migrate any existing data whilst setting you up on the myMA dashboard.

4. Training

Whilst our systems are easy to use we don’t just leave you to “work it out on your own”. Our team is on hand to show you how each of the features works whilst adapting and integrating extra training based on your goals and unique requirements.

5. Quarterly Reviews

Once set-up, the fun and progress really begins! We’ll check in with you after 3 months (or sooner if required) to see how things are going and to adapt and evolve your Action Plan. After this our team will catch up as much or as little as you need.



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