Changing lives and making a positive impact

We’re the undisputed martial arts business growth partner. We’re here to enable martial arts business owners to operate safe and successful schools where students thrive…and by doing this, we believe we’ll create more opportunities for martial arts to change lives and to make a positive impact in communities and upon society in general. Of course, we can only achieve this with a great team. So, are you interested in joining us?

How we work

How we work is guided by our values; these inform how we work with customers, business partners and each other:


As a business growth partner, we provide care, protection and guidance for growing businesses. We build long term relationships and stay in close contact with customers throughout their journey, shaping our products, services and support to meet their changing requirements. This also applies to our team; facilitating our employees’ personal and professional development is instrumental in the continued success of our business.


Involvement in martial arts demands continuous improvement of already high standards. We provide best-in-class products, services and support that help our clients to improve the performance of their business, and focus on improving the impact of their teaching and training. We’re infectious about excellence, inspiring our clients to reach new heights and providing everything they need to get there.


Keeping things simple is key to making it easy for our clients to successfully build their businesses. As a single point of contact for everything that our clients need to manage and grow their martial arts businesses, we make it easy for them to access whatever they need. We provide a clear roadmap (and accompanying processes) that defines both our and their role in the journey to a better business. Our communications are clear and coherent; we make it easy for people to understand the benefits of working with us and provide actionable advice.


We’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to handling clients’ money and offering advice that will make a positive contribution to the development of their businesses. This trust is founded on our 20 year track record and an unblemished record on safety and security. We understand our responsibilities as a trusted business consultant and other aspects of martial arts businesses, the importance of having no margin for error. We are transparent, upfront and clear with clients, managing and meeting their expectations.

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If your experience and ambitions are a good fit with our business and how we work, let us know what you’re looking for. If you’re driven to make a difference, we’ll always be glad to hear from you.

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