Client Conferences & Events

We hold several events throughout the year for our clients. These days are aimed to be informative, useful and a good way to network with other like-minded martial arts instructors.

Client Conference & Gala Awards Dinner – April 2017

NEST clients from across the UK came together for a day of learning, networking and celebration at our third annual Client Conference and Gala Awards Dinner on Saturday 13th May at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham.

During the day, attendees engaged in several lively sessions around the themes of student behaviour and customer retention, and learnt top tips for summer marketing campaigns, before headline speaker Colin MacLachlan, from Channel 4’s ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’, blew the audience away with his awe-inspiring stories of his hostage negotiation experiences.

On Saturday evening, guests were invited to put on their glad rags for the Gala Awards dinner which featured live music and entertainment, along with a delicious three course meal. Managing Director, Gerard Turvey, took to the stage to hand out the much deserved awards. We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 NEST Management award winners as:

  • Student Retention Award: Nigel Davison (East West Martial Arts), David Hodson (Fortitude Academy), Martin Hunnable (Fenland Ju-Jitsu)
  • Business Growth Award: Chris & Jenny Foran (Premier Family Martial Arts), Pat O’Driscoll (Matt Fiddes Swindon), Richard Casey (Kuk Sool Won of Huyton)
  • myMA Business Management Award: Stuart Allison (Shin Jin Dojo), Pat O’Driscoll (Matt Fiddes Swindon), Sean McCarthy (Kickbox Karate)
  • Best Academy Award: Dan Thomas (Unite Martial Arts Academy Southport)
  • Franchisee of the Year Award: Touka Cosens (World Jado Kuin Do Element)
  • Student of the Year Award: Terry Taylor (Hampshire Choi Kwang Do)
  • Instructor of the Year Award: Nigel Davison (East West Martial Arts)
  • Hidden Gem Award: Wai Ling Wong (Senjokai Karate Academy)
  • NEST Journey Award: Martin Dixon (Masters of Martial Arts)
  • Best NEST Newcomer Award: Ary & Sarah Hauer (Chuldow Martial Arts)
  • Business Innovation Award: Lee Matthews (British Military Martial Arts)
  • Lifetime Contribution to Martial Arts Award: Grand Master Peter Harkess (UKTKD)
  • Spirit of Martial Arts Award: South Eastern School Of Martial Arts

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all our award winners and nominees. Presentation slides and photos are available on myMA for those who would like to relive the highlights, or for those unable to attend who would like to check them out.

Read more about the 2017 NEST Management Client Conference and Awards Dinner in our blog.

We can’t wait until next year, and hope to see you all there!

Business Booster – November 2016

Back due to popular demand! This year’s Business Booster event was once again packed full of useful topics to help martial arts school owners run and grow their business. This time around we focused upon making the most out of your NEST membership, by demonstrating some of the different ways you can use our services to help you run and grow your martial arts business.

Topics included; using our electronic Direct Debit service, sending automated communications and planning to achieve success. In addition to this, again we a ran our ‘Business Booster Clinic’ to provide more opportunity for your to discuss any ideas, problems or successes you may have experienced with other business owners.

It was great to see everyone again as we look forward to seeing everyone at the Client Conference in 2017!

Client Conference & Gala Awards Dinner – April 2016

The theme for this event was “Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience” where speakers from NEST and leading retailer in Customer service – John Lewis, spoke about how we can all deliver a great service by delivering a consistent and intentional customer journey. Building on our Keynote speech by Andrew McMillan, former head of Customer Service at John Lewis, the rest of the day was tailored to help further understand the importance and effect a positive customer journey can have on martial arts businesses. To finish we helped each attendee to create their own actionable plan, ready to implement when they arrive back.

Following a busy day, that evening we held our annual Gala Awards Dinner. Once again there was fierce competition in every award category but a clear winner in each eventually emerged:

    • Student Retention: Stuart Allison – Shin Jin Dojo, Roy & Wendy Hazelwood – Active Hertfordshire Karate, Stephen Ainscough – Northern Martial Arts Academy
    • Business Growth: Anthony Davis & Stuart Harris – Total Dojo, Pat O’Driscoll – Matt Fiddes Swindon, Liam Gallagher – Senjokai Karate Academy
    • Academy of the Year: Dan Thomas – Unite Martial Arts
    • Franchisee of the Year: Alexander Perriman – Kung Fu Schools Gillingham
    • Student of the Year: Amy Mitchell – Senjokai Karate Academy
    • Instructor of the Year: Jacey Cashman – Sports Karate Federation
    • Hidden Gem: Olivia Sciberras – John Lynns BBA
    • NEST Journey: Colin Payne – TKO – Elite, Nigel Davison – East-West Martial Arts, Terry Estcourt – Terry Estcourt Wing Chun Academy
    • Lifetime Contribution to Martial Arts: Martin Dixon, Sheila Dixon & Janice Angotti – Masters of Martial Arts
    • myMA Business Management: Chris Denwood – E.S.K.K
    • Spirit of Martial Arts: Shin Jin Dojo Team
    • Best Newcomer: Chris & Jenny Foran – Premier Martial Arts, David Hall – Modern Combat Martial Arts
    • Business Innovation: Kim Mackay – Little Tiger Cubs

For clients unable to attend, or who wish to refresh their memory, presentation slides from the day are available on myMA. We would like to say a very well done to all our award nominees and runners up! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Business Booster – November 2015

2015 marks our inaugural Business Booster event. It is part of a series of two events we run each year specifically to help our clients run and grow their martial arts businesses. This year we wanted to cover both on and off the mat topics to give you a rounded day of business and personal development.

Our speakers included Professor Robert Austin, who spoke about the importance of an ‘Evolving and Rotating Curriculum’, Justin Henson, who focussed on ‘Facebook Advertising for Martial Arts Businesses’ and Pete Wilkinson who shared his secrets on ‘Becoming Unstoppable in Business and Life’. As well as the NSPCC who gave a talk on the importance of safeguarding your students.

The addition of our ‘Business Booster Clinic’ provided more opportunity to discuss new ideas and ways to implement them with other business owners, as well as many other popular topics. After all, why not learn from your colleagues!

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event such as success and as usual, for clients unable to attend, or who wish to refresh their memory, presentation slides from the day are available on myMA.

Client Conference & Gala Awards Dinner – April 2015

April 2015 saw the very first NEST Client Conference and Gala Awards Dinner. As promised the weekend was filled with excitement, learning and laughter as our excellent speakers took to the floor to talk about everything from ‘How to differentiate yourself in the Market’ to telling personal experiences to ‘Inspire Outstanding Performance’ across your business.

The day’s event offered a choice of several sessions each with a different focus, before finishing the day with our keynote speaker Peter Avis and his incredible story that took him from a Liverpool Council Estate to Miami, to holding a leading position in the Virgin Group and having a close working relationship with Sir Richard Branson.

NEST Management Client Conference and Gala Awards Dinner 2015

On Saturday night, we hosted the first NEST Gala Awards Dinner, where we celebrated many of your successes from 2014, along with some great food and lovely music. Awards such as Instructor of the Year, Hidden Gem and Student of the Year, were given out based upon the nominations we received for each category or statistics generated from myMA. We are proud to announce our award winners for the evening as:

  • Student Retention: Martin Dixon – Masters of Martial Arts, Michael Bennett – MSD Evolution, Stephen Ainscough – Northern Martial Arts Academy
  • Business Growth: Peter Harkess, Stephen Rooney & Brian Leckie – Little Tiger Cubs, Stuart Allison – Shin Jin Dojo, James Hobson – Krav Maga Defence Academy
  • Academy of the Year: John Lynn’s Black Belt Academy
  • Franchisee of the Year: Keith Monk – Kung Fu Schools, Carshalton
  • Student of the Year: Noah Evans– Kuk Sool Won of Eastbourne
  • Instructor of the Year: Richard Canton – Canton Martial Arts
  • Hidden Gem: Andrea O’Driscoll
  • NEST Journey: Lee Matthews – Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts
  • Lifetime Contribution to Martial Arts: Bob Breen – Bob Breen Academy
  • myMA Business Management: Stuart Allison – Shin Jin Dojo
  • Spirit of Martial Arts: Helen Beattie

To end an excellent weekend and to blow out the cobwebs from the night before, there were two Martial Arts training sessions and a business round-table question and answer session, available to get help with any pressing questions.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend and hope that it was informative and enjoyable. For clients unable to attend, or who wish to refresh their memory, presentation slides from the sessions are available on myMA.