Author: Leonie Winson

Top 5 things to do to protect your digital assets

When you start a new business, you spend a lot of time setting up all the new accounts you need. You buy the perfect domain name. Spend money on getting your branding professionally designed. You spend hours setting up all your social media accounts. Once all this is done it is easy to put it to one side and forget about it.

That is until something goes wrong. Let’s not wait for that to happen. Take these top 5 steps to protect your digital assets.

Top 5 key tips for creating an effective landing page

A landing page is a page on your site that is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is stripped of another distraction but that one task.

It can be used to promote a special offer, target prospects for a free trial, or sell tickets to an event. Because its sole focus is one task, it is stripped of any other navigation that might take the visitor away from the page. 


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