Author: Joe Marshall

Get Into Martial Arts – as seen on TV!

We have worked with some NEST clubs around the UK to produce the video, which features REAL Martial Arts students and teachers.

We think the final line ‘Give them something to believe in… themselves’ illustrates how much Martial Arts training can be a real positive force in children’s lives. With this advert we wanted to show the transformative effect Martial Arts has on children.

How to design a Martial Arts School Facebook Advert that converts

When putting together Facebook ads you often get lost in the mechanics – the audience, the bidding etc. But what about the actual ad itself? What images should you use, what should you write?

If you’re a Martial Arts school owner, chances are you want a good percentage of your advert to lead directly to a booking – here we break down what you need to include in a Facebook ad to get new booking

Safeguarding Adults in Sport

Much of safeguarding focuses on the wellbeing of children, but equally important is the safeguarding of vulnerable adults. As a Martial Arts trainer it is your responsibility identify any safeguarding issues and take the appropriate next steps. Specialised training can help you distinguish when an adult in your class my need help. You should also have a section in your Safeguarding Policy that specifically addresses the needs of venerable adults. You need to recognise that ability and disability can change over time, such that some adults may be additionally vulnerable to abuse, in particular those adults with care and support needs

Set up Automation: Email a prospect a video

After booking a free trial lesson about half of people don’t turn up. But most prospects who do attend the trial lesson go on to sign up – so improving the attendance of your free trial lessons can be a massive boost!

2018 Parliamentary Review

NEST Management appears alongside Prime Minister Theresa May this year in The Parliamentary Review – a government backed guide to industry best practice. Established by former minister The Rt Hon David Curry in 2010, it demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment over the year.

NEST Journey to the Safeguarding Code

At NEST we encourage all our customers to demonstrate their commitment to delivering effective safeguarding processes and procedures to ensure everyone can enjoy engaging in martial arts.

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts is a resource that supports you at every step. It makes the process of improving your safeguarding standards or demonstrating your already excellent policy, procedures and practice in Safeguarding really easy.


Has your Martial Arts club struggled during the pandemic? Have some of your students cancelled or suspended? 

The solution is to adapt using the tools we have created to help you get back lost students, generate new ones and create a winning covid-19 strategy.