How will Martial Arts schools return from lockdown? - Welsh Roadmap

The dates below are based on NEST’s interpretation of this guidance as could change as more information is released. These dates could also be moved depending on the current data so please check back regularly. 

At every step where you are training indoors we advice you still maintain the previous guidance on ventilation and capacity – 1 person for every 100 sq ft with Covid Secure Measures in place.

As always, it is important that you complete a risk assessment before making a change to your procedures and always observe appropriate COVID secure measures.

26 April
  • Outdoor hospitality and outdoor visitor attractions can open.
  • Organised outdoor activities and outdoor wedding receptions are permitted for up to 30 people.
3 May
  • Gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools and fitness facilities can open.
  • Extended households can be formed with one other household.
  • Indoor supervised activities for children can take place.
  • Indoor organised activities for up to 15 adults can take place.
  • Community centres can open.
17th May
  • No limit on the number of children under 11
  • Limit of 30 people for anyone over the age of 11.
  • Max 15 adults training indoors
  • Social distancing should still be maintained at a distance of 2m.
  • Schools must refer to their NGBs for guidance on whether they can implement contact training whilst mitigating risk where possible.
  • Parents/Guardians may spectate but must adhere to social distancing and wear face mask coverings

See here for more info:

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