This year has been one hell of a fight for our industry. Who would have thought back in March that we’d still be fighting close to Christmas? But here we are, and I for one am very proud of how we have coped, adapted and responded.
As we draw closer to Christmas, it has made us realise how fortunate we have been to have had the opportunity to fight for our survival when thousands of people across the country have not. We feel that now more than ever, we would really like to help those less fortunate than ourselves who are not financially able to feed themselves or their families. And we are asking our Martial Arts community to help us…
This December instead of sending out Christmas cards we will be working with Trussell Trust Charity who are the UK’s largest network of food banks. We would like our Martial Arts community to raise as much money as possible to help Trussell Trust and to do this, we’re asking you and your students to work together to collectively contribute ONE MILLION PUNCHES. Impossible you say….nothing is impossible for Martial Artists!
So how will we, as an industry, reach 1 million punches?
The challenge will start on Wednesday 16th December at 9 am and finish at 9pm. You and your students will be able to contribute your punches anytime between those hours. 
You can do those punches either in class or virtually, but someone else has to watch either you or your students do the punches and then submit the scores. You can do punches for as little or as long as you like. 
As a School: Collect the contributions from your students and then make 1 donation using the link above. Remember to add in the notes the name of your of your School, your NEST reference number and the total number of punches achieved.
Individually: Let your students have the link above so they can make their own individual donations. We’ve created a template email on myMA for you to send out to them. Remind them to add in the notes what their final punch score is as they will all contribute towards the final goal.
Every single punch counts!! Let’s do something amazing this Christmas and show the world what a difference Martial Artists can make when we all work together.

Punches: 338584

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Punch Through Hunger! 

The TOP 5 Schools were:
  1. Athena School of Karate

     with 50043 punches

  2. Kuk Sool Won of Lowestoft & Halesworth

     with 47856 punches

  3. Crawley Black Belt Academy

     with 47764 punches

  4. Teach Me Kung Fu Schools

     with 46417 punches

  5. Kung fu schools Bromley

     with 45254 with punches


although, sadly, we fell short of our reach goal of 1 million punches that is an incredible effort by the Martial Arts community, and a great amount of money to raise.

Thank you again to everyone who took part!

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