Lockdown 2.0 What Martial Arts Instructors Need to Know....

There was lots of attention brought to The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020 documentation which potentially implied that there could be a way for Martial Arts Schools to remain open. Needless to say, both ourselves and our Clients were very excited about the possibility.

 However having read through all 32 pages, we were extremely disappointed to summarize that unfortunately, the exemptions did not relate our industry. The guidance that has been highlighted as potentially indicating you can stay open is Part 4:

 (6) (f) “indoor gyms, fitness studios, indoor sports facilities and other indoor leisure centres for supervised activities for children”.

The key here is “supervised activities for children” – this only applies where the childcare is reasonably necessary to enable a parent, or a person who has parental responsibility for, or care of, the child in question, to work, search for work or to undertake training or education. We don’t feel you fall into this category.

(6) (g) “indoor gyms, fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, indoor sports courts and other indoor leisure centres and outdoor sports courts and swimming pools by schools or providers for post-16 education or training (as defined in paragraph 1(8)(e) of Schedule 17 to the Coronavirus Act 2020)”.

The term “providers for post-16 education or training” relates to obligatory vocational training or work-based learning required for any individual up to the age of 19. We don’t feel you fall into this category.

This bill was passed at 4.15 pm yesterday (4th November) so I’m afraid it is highly unlikely we will see any amendments to it. Efforts are being made regarding under 18’s and we will follow these closely however our research so far indicates that you must teach online during the lockdown period. It’s not the result we were hoping for but for now, we strongly advise that you put all your efforts into your online offering and delivering the best and most supportive service for your students.

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