Rule of 6 and Martial Arts schools – what are the new rules?

We have built up good momentum over the last few months with students coming back to class and new students joining. Martial Arts schools have worked hard to become covid compliant and to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the government.

With the PMs announcements on the 22nd Sep, specifically regarding team sports and the rule of 6, many schools are wondering how the new guidance affects them. The good news is that we don’t have to lose the momentum built up over these past few months as Martial Arts are not classed as team sports where changes do apply

Sport England have confirmed this in a recent tweet:

NEST’s understanding of the new rules is: if you are operating in a covid-secure way you do not need to change the way you have been operating or reduce the number of students in your class. The rule change does affect how both students and parents arrive at and leave your school – they must not congregate in groups larger than 6 inside your school, outside while waiting to enter or pick up their children or in your car-park while coming and going. We also advise that students or parents wear masks while entering and exiting your building. As a covid-secure establishment, it is your responsibility to make sure your staff, students, and parents are aware of the rules.

Now is a good time to revisit your procedures and make sure you are enforcing the rules.

QR Codes

The official NHS QR code posters to make it easier for people to check-in at different premises once the app is rolled out nationally. You can create your QR code on the website:

1) It is a legal requirement to display the poster/QR code
2) You can not enforce the use of QR code scanning
3) You need 1 QR code per location
4) Your existing attendance tracking method is enough to fulfil the Test and Trace requirement

The more you follow and enforce the rules, the less likely we are to enter a second lockdown or short “circuit breaker” lockdown. However, we advise you are ready with online training so you can swap over without missing a beat. 

The main takeaway from the recent announcement is you do not need to limit the number of students you train any further, but now is the time for a heightened level of responsibility.

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